The Landscape Hiatus

Checking paused for open source projects for a few months.

Hi there. Landscape is currently paused for checking open source projects, because it has become overloaded and needs a rest.

In the last 4 years, there have been almost 700,000 checks run across nearly 20 billion file lines, all for open source and all for free. The system is now rather stressed and cannot keep up with checking nearly 10,000 repositories, so it needs to take a break.

All data is still available and will remain in readonly mode, all old URLs and incoming links still work. The only change is that new checks will not be started for a short period of time.

This is just to get some breathing space required to keep the service available in the long term. Less costs and maintenance in the short term will allow some time to figure out what changes to make to get free open source static analysis up and running again for Python.

Paid plans are still going!

Landscape checks are still running for private repositories and paid plans. There is no change if you are a paying subscriber, and if you also have open source repositories those will be checked too!

How you could help

If you are interested in helping get everything started again, here are some possibilities!

As a company, become a sponsor
If you are a company who wishes to help lots of open source Python projects get continuous static analysis, and in return your company information will be seen on various pages as supporters of the checks. You can find more information on the sponsors page. Help out the thousands of open-source developers using Landscape.
As an individual, become a sponsor
If you would like to simply donate to the running costs of the open-source projects, you could become a sponsor. You can read more about what this means on the sponsors page. Give the Landscape servers a hug, show them you care! No need to be a Landscape user to do this.
Buy a supporter subscription
If you would like to turn on checking for your projects, you can purchase an open-source specific subscription. This will turn your projects back on for checking, and is not intended as a long-term solution, this is just until things get back to running properly. This is for people who really want to see their code still being checked during this hiatus. Have a look at the temporary open-source plans if you want this.
Become a paying customer!
If you are a company who wants to use Landscape on your private code, you can of course still do that. Check out the plans for private repositories.

The Phoenix: Landscape will be back soon!

Costs and complexity simply went too quickly to keep up with due to how many people liked Landscape enough to try it and use it. So it just needs a little bit of slack to get back up again.

The main thing is to reduce the cost of an individual check. They take on average 120 seconds to run (depending on the size and complexity of the repository), which could be reduced, and the results of the checks could and should be reduced and everything stored more efficiently.

Watch this space!