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Landscape is an early warning system for your Python codebase

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Code Quality Made Easy

After every code push, Landscape runs checks against your code to look for errors, code smells and deviations from stylistic conventions. It finds potential problems before they're problems, to help you decide what and when to refactor.

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Watch your code improve over time

Landscape keeps track of code quality over time, so you can see trends appear and watch improvements as they happen. This provides an effective metric for encouraging good coding practices.

Catch issues before they're issues

Find problems after you push the code, not when they break your production system. Landscape can detect and warn about common mistakes and errors.

Keep your codebase healthy

Tangled, messy codebases slow down developers and decrease the quality of your product by making it harder to add new features. Avoid collecting too many quick fixes and dirty hacks by tracking the health of your code over time.

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Immediate feedback

Landscape watches your GitHub repositories for pushes, triggering a new inspection after each one, for every branch. You will get feedback a few minutes after every push.

Easy code improvements

Landscape's simple interface shows you exactly which modules have errors or potential problems.

Keep your code fresh

Changes and refactors can lead to stale or unused code. Landscape finds unused modules and methods.

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